About Retro Coding

I set up this retro coding website after rediscovering a number of older computers that I'd worked with in the 1980s and 1990s and needing a place to bring together my efforts to resurrect the machines themselves and my lapsed coding skills.

R J Zealley

Retro Hardware

A collection of classic retro coding hardware

My first programmable computer was a Texas Instruments TI-57 programmable computer which I bought in 1980, closely followed by a Sinclair ZX81. Neither of these survived, possibly given away from down-sizing parents but, feeling a bit nostalgic, I replaced them a few years ago, and then couldn't stop.

The hardware on the site consists of the various bits of hardware I've collected over the years, including classic computers from the 19980s and 1990s from BBC, Sinclair, HP, Psion, Sharp and others.


Retro Coding

A collection of retro code, largely for Sinclair, BBC & Acorn and Psion computers.

I've always enjoyed using computers that have a complete, built-in coding environment and have developed games and other programs across a number of diverse retro coding platforms, mainly using variations of BASIC but also Pascal and a bit of Assembler.

I'm slowly rediscovering the joys of coding on these devices and will be adding some samples here over the coming months.