Apple IIe flopty drie and Apple Pascal diskettes

Apple Pascal on Apple IIe

By Richard Zealley | 21st September 2020

Back In August I took delivery of a boxed Apple IIe in excellent working condition. I had used an earlier Apple II at university in 1982/83 to learn Pascal and hoped to find a set of Pascal diskettes which I duly did a couple of weeks later. I didn’t want to try and do too…

Disassembled Psion Series 3mx

Psion Series 3mx Disassembly

By Richard Zealley | 9th July 2020

A complete guide to disassembling a Psion 3mx and identifying where this can go horribly wrong based this on a recent example which I’d bought as spares/repair from eBay

towers of hanoi for sinclair ZX81

Towers of Hanoi for Sinclair ZX81 in 1K

By Richard Zealley | 8th June 2020

My one claim to fame – a short program I submitted to Sinclair Programs magazine in 1983. I was shuffed with this because I’d managed to cram it into just 1K. I hadn’t yet invested in a 16K RAM pack.

Psion Series 3mx SSD door microswitch repair

By Richard Zealley | 25th May 2020

I recently bought a Psion Series 3mx on eBay but found it didn’t recognise SSDs inserted in either A or B slots and suspected a motherboard fault. Having found a cheap 3mx to test this, and checking that it did indeed read SSDs OK, after swapping the motherboard it didn’t help. Not only that but it also failed in the same back in the original machine.

Psion Series 3 boxed with manuals and PSU

Psion Series 3 – New Arrival

By Richard Zealley | 27th April 2020

My existing Psion 3 was suffering from a faulty screen so I’d been on the lookout for a replacement/repair and found this on eBay, boxed with manuals, and it arrived today.

BBC Master 128 – Raspberry Pi Co-processor

By Richard Zealley | 11th May 2019

I found about about the ability to add a co-processor to the BBC Master 128 when I came across this level shifter on eBay and decided it would be a great project and help make this my ‘go to’ BBC machine.

BBC MAster with peripherals

A BBC Master 128 Bargain?

By Richard Zealley | 10th August 2015

Having been looking out for a BBC Micro to add to my growing collection of retro computers from the 1980s and 1990s I came across a BBC Master being sold as spare/repairs on eBay. It was complete with monitor and dual disk drives but was for collection only from Somerset, 300 miles away. As it…

Replacing ZX81 keyboard

ZX81 Keyboard Replacement

By Richard Zealley | 27th December 2013

My ZX81 clearly didn’t like being taken apart and the keyboard started failing once the ZXvid unit was installed, probably because the old ribbon cables had deteriorated, though they had looked OK.

ZX81 RF SCART lead

By Richard Zealley | 15th December 2013

After accidentally trashing the original RF lead for the ZX81, I ordered a new one but in the meantime thought I’d see if I had any suitable alternatives knocking around among the random AV cables I’ve kept. Finding a phono to SCART convertor, I thought I’d give it a try:

Sinclair ZX81 ZXVid

ZXvid installation

By Richard Zealley | 7th December 2013

Spent 2 hours on the ZXvid module this afternoon. A fiddly process and I pondered many times on the £15 saving on having this fitted. Ah well, wouldn’t be half the fun.