Psion Organiser II LZ64

Psion Organiser II

By Richard Zealley | 19th May 2021

The Organiser II was launched in 1986 to follow the original Organiser from 1984. It had a better keyboard and display and a much larger ROM. There were three models (CM, XP and LZ) with between 8 and 64KiB RAM and a new single-tasking operating system

Disassembled Psion Series 3mx

Psion Series 3mx Disassembly

By Richard Zealley | 9th July 2020

A complete guide to disassembling a Psion 3mx and identifying where this can go horribly wrong based this on a recent example which I’d bought as spares/repair from eBay

Psion Series 3mx

Psion Series 3mx

By Richard Zealley | 8th June 2020

The Psion Series 3mx was the last model in the Series 3 line, launched in mid 1998, and is an upgrad to the Series 3c. The main differences are: a silver metallic finish, a CR2025 backup battery, and a faster processor, the 16 bit NEC V30MX (80C86 compatible) running at 27.684 MHz. It has a backlight like the later models of the Series 3c.

Psion Series 3c portable computer

Psion Series 3c

By Richard Zealley | 8th June 2020

The Psion Series 3c followed on from the Psion Series 3a and predating the Series 3mx. The main differences are: a redigned case in black with a rubberised coating (that degarded into a sticky mess over time), an infrared port, and a backlight (on later models).

Psion software on SSD

Psion Series 3 Software

By Richard Zealley | 8th June 2020

My collection of Psion Series 3 software on SSD.

Psion Series 3mx SSD door microswitch repair

By Richard Zealley | 25th May 2020

I recently bought a Psion Series 3mx on eBay but found it didn’t recognise SSDs inserted in either A or B slots and suspected a motherboard fault. Having found a cheap 3mx to test this, and checking that it did indeed read SSDs OK, after swapping the motherboard it didn’t help. Not only that but it also failed in the same back in the original machine.

Psion Series 3 boxed with manuals and PSU

Psion Series 3 – New Arrival

By Richard Zealley | 27th April 2020

My existing Psion 3 was suffering from a faulty screen so I’d been on the lookout for a replacement/repair and found this on eBay, boxed with manuals, and it arrived today.

Psion 5mx

Psion Series 5mx – Boxed and Working

By Richard Zealley | 23rd April 2020

I’ve had my Psion Series 5mx for a few years – another eBay purchase. I wanted one that was boxed with accessories, which this has, but it has suffered battery leakage at some point in the past so isn’t perfect.