Texas Instruments TI99/4a

The Texas Instruments TI-99/4A followed the TI99/4, which was let down by a poor keyboard, and was released in 1981. Based on the TMS9900 microprocessor, the TI99/4 was the first 16-bit home computer.

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Psion Organiser II

Psion Organiser II LZ64

The Organiser II was launched in 1986 to follow the original Organiser from 1984. It had a better keyboard and display and a much larger ROM. There were three models (CM, XP and LZ) with between 8 and 64KiB RAM and a new single-tasking operating system

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Epson P40 Thermal Printer

The Epson P-40 is compact portable uni-directional thermal dot matrix printer which operates on NiCd batteries. It features various print modes including two bit image modes and character sets for 9 countries. It also has the ASCII 95 character set. It has a speed of 45cps for normal characters and 22.5 cps for enlarged characters.…

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Hewlett Packard HP 95LX

The HP 95LX was launched on April 23, 1991 before the term personal digital assistant, or PDA, found its way into everyday use putting the power of a computer into the palm of your hand. It ran MS-DOS v3.22 in 512K bytes of RAM and 1M-byte ROM and had a QWERTY keyboard and a separate…

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Apple Pascal on Apple IIe

Apple IIe flopty drie and Apple Pascal diskettes

Back In August I took delivery of a boxed Apple IIe in excellent working condition. I had used an earlier Apple II at university in 1982/83 to learn Pascal and hoped to find a set of Pascal diskettes which I duly did a couple of weeks later. I didn’t want to try and do too…

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