A BBC Master 128 Bargain?

Having been looking out for a BBC Micro to add to my growing collection of retro computers from the 1980s and 1990s I came across a BBC Master being sold as spare/repairs on eBay. It was complete with monitor and dual disk drives but was for collection only from Somerset, 300 miles away. As it turned out, I was due to visit relatives in east Devon the same weekend that the auction ended so I sent a message asking about the fault(s). The reply came back a couple of hours before the auction end with a photo that showed that it was actually working to some extent, showing an error message on the monitor. I was the only bidder and picked the lot up for £50.

BBC MAster with peripherals

It has now been transported back home and set up to test. As you can see, it does seem to boot up to a certain point so it must be basically sound but, not knowing much about these (yet) I'm a bit stumped. All I get it: -

Acorn MOS
Acorn ADFS

I think I'll need to find a good BBC Micro forum to see where the problem lies.

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