Apple Pascal on Apple IIe

Back In August I took delivery of a boxed Apple IIe in excellent working condition. I had used an earlier Apple II at university in 1982/83 to learn Pascal and hoped to find a set of Pascal diskettes which I duly did a couple of weeks later. I didn't want to try and do too much with the original disks so also managed to find a pack of 5 unopened 5.25 inch DS DD floppies and worked out from the Pascal Manual how to make copies using the Filer.

Apple IIe flopty drie and Apple Pascal diskettes

Because the Apple II only came with a single floppy drive almost any operation involves plenty of disk swapping. Copying a 280K disk takes around 20 swaps.

Creating a simple Hello World program is similar you need to use a boot diskette with both Editor and Compiler but these are split betwen APPLE0: and APPLE1: so I created a copy of APPLE0:, removed Filer and added the Editor. That leaves a few Kbytes for the program. Below is the result, after around 2-3 hours effort!

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