Ready to ZXpand

My mini TV has arrived and with a bit of fine-tuning we're in business:

Sinclair ZX with mini TV

However, the quality is pretty poor. I can only get a clear display if I stand up to the right of the machine and hold onto the UHF cable, which it makes it pretty hard to key stuff in 8-( The Sony TV remote makes a great monitor riser though.

Better news on the saving/loading front though. You can see

what looks like an uncased RAM pack on the rear of the ZX81. I really couldn't face the prospect of using a retro tape recorder so managed to source a ZXpand unit. This is a great piece of kit, containing a 32K RAM expansion and an SD card reader. With a 512Mb card in there I probably couldn't ever find (let alone write) enough code to fill it.

I was concerned at first that it wasn't going to work but it turned out that the expansion connector contacts were corroded and needed a gentle clean up before it would boot up.

Saving my test code took about a second and loading a simple game took about the same so this is going to make life much easier.

The ZXpand board came from, courtesy of Rich Mellor (

Better think of something to code now...

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