Sharp PC 3000

The PC-3000 was a DOS-based computer, the predecessor to the PC-3100, launched in 1991 following the release of the Atari Portfolio, the world's first palmtop computer. Both the Sharp PC-3000 series and the Portfolio were developed by DIP Research. The only difference was that the PC-3100 came with 2 MB of RAM, rather than 1 MB.

Although a heavy user of DOS throughout the 1990s, and an enthuiast for small computers, I'd never owned a handhelp DOS machine so was keen to try one. The Sharp PC-3000/3100 looked ideal as they also came with a lot of peripherals that wouyld allow me to link to other computers, including serial, parallel and a floppy drive.

I managed to find a boxed one on eBay that included a parallel cable but no serial or floppy. It also has a power supply though that proved to be faulty.

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